Farah Khan

Candidate for Board Director


Farah Khan

Director, Quality, Risk, and Patient Safety
Trillium Health Partners
Mississauga, Ontario

Statement of philosophy

Advancing excellence in nursing has been a longstanding personal goal, and has been a value in every role I have assumed in my career. With over 20 years of experience in healthcare, I have seen firsthand the important role nurses play in influencing policy and practice through engagement, promotion, and advocacy. While this may have historically been done, I do believe now is the time for organizations like the CNA to ensure we are bringing diverse perspectives more than ever in the work we do. I am a visible Muslim woman, who has faced implicit biases for many years as I have pursued my passion for health care excellence and leadership. I am a child of immigrant parents who has always had to find unique ways to be included at the table in decision making and have often felt like my voice was not heard or represented.

Through my own learning and this road of discovery I have been on I have realized the important role I play in mitigating some of these biases and taking part in advancing this important agenda at the system level. I want to make this difference through a role at the table at CNA.

Platform message

I have many perspectives to offer the CNA should I be a successful applicant to a Board of Director position. Having personal experience in supporting the Board Quality Committee of Canada’s largest academic and community hospital, and, having a role in a board for a long-term care home in Toronto, coupled with the diverse perspectives I bring, I would add representation from a wide variety of perspectives to inform and influence the priorities of the CNA’s Board. Having served and witnessed firsthand the experience of the impacts of this pandemic on the profession of nursing, the disparities of health, inequities in health care, and the effects of healthcare system level decision making, I realize the important role I can play in advocacy and influence on policy and practice related priorities that the CNA too has recently committed to. As a new member of the CNA Anti-Racism Advisory Council, I will be able to bring influence not only from an anti-racism perspective, but also from my own lived experiences, and the vast networks I have. Due to the privileged position I hold in a large hospital system, the connections I have to the Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing as an Adjunct Lecturer, and the role I play in the community, even with the youth pursuing careers in nursing, my extensive track record of community engagement with effort to building bridges with the community and healthcare and in particular hospitals, I will bring a diverse lens to the work the Board prioritizes.

Biographical information

With almost 20 years of experience in healthcare, I have held many leadership roles in operations, regional planning and administration. I am currently the Director of Quality, Risk and Patient Safety at Trillium. I am also an adjunct lecturer for the Faculty of Nursing at UofT. A recipient of numerous awards including the RNAO’s President’s Award in Clinical Leadership in 2009, the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Nursing’s Teaching Assistant Award in 2009, I was also recently the recipient of Mayor Crombie’s COVID Hero Civic Award in 2020, for the work I did for the hospital related to our pandemic response for PPE, but also the relationships I bridged with the community, and in particular the Canadian Muslim COVID19 Taskforce. I have a baccalaureate degree in nursing from Ryerson, and a Masters in Nursing from UofT. Prior to my current role at Trillium, I was the Regional Cancer Program Director, supporting four hospitals in the region. Prior to this I was the Senior Director of Surgery and Oncology at Mount Sinai Hospital, and have served in numerous nursing groups, including as a Board Member for OPANA, who was integral in the advancement of the PeriAnesthesia Nursing certification with the CNA.