Gianina Gaitana

Candidate for Board Director


Gianina Gaitana

Professor, Nursing
Georgian College
Brampton, Ontario

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Statement of philosophy

As an educator, I believe it is important to understand that often, “we teach, who we are”, and as such, having self-awareness and insight into our own experiences, beliefs, and values is crucial because it will guide our teaching and allow for authentic, teaching and learning approaches. This belief is also true when it comes to leadership roles in nursing education as this reality often provides the value system for ordering priorities in nursing and health care. As a professional nurse currently working full-time in education, I would like to use this opportunity to serve on the board of directors to contribute to the discussions about what nursing in a post Covid-19 world might look like; how equity, diversity and inclusion in nursing practice is being addressed; and how we, as a profession, are participating in anti-Indigenous racism in health care and the decolonization of nursing. I believe that these critical issues are at the core of many of the practice issues facing nursing today and with my experiences teaching in baccalaureate nursing programs, and my research interests that focus on leadership in nursing education, I am a strong candidate who can share a unique perspective.

Platform message

My interest in serving on the board of directors and the opportunity to participate in policy-making, advocacy and visioning of Canadian nursing education is simple—it is a part of my role and responsibility as a professional nurse working in education, and a duty I believe should not be taken lightly. After teaching in nursing for more than 10 years, this opportunity would allow me to share insight and perspectives from my experiences teaching and learning with a diverse group of students from various schools of nursing in Ontario. I believe that my unique roles not only as an educator and graduate student, but as a visible minority in academia, also positions me well to be sensitive and speak to the needs of our future nurses. Perhaps, what is of most interest to me in this opportunity is representation—being able to use my voice to represent the many of those who look and sound like me and share my perspectives on what I believe are issues critical to nursing and health care today.

Biographical information

Gianina Gaitana is a Registered Nurse (RN) with a clinical background in paediatric nursing, specifically paediatric medicine, respiratory medicine and infectious diseases.

She is a full-time professor in the Honours Bachelor of Science – Nursing (BScN) program at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario. She is interested in issues surrounding patient- and family-centred care and teaching about topics related to child and adolescent health.

Gianina’s research interests are focused on leadership in nursing education, in particular the educational pathways of foreign-trained nurses and their experiences of attaining licensure. Her passion for teaching in nursing includes a focus on promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in the learning process, and creating better awareness for culture and learning styles and their impact on the baccalaureate nursing student experience.