Oluwabukola Oladunni Salami

Candidate for Board Director


Oluwabukola Oladunni Salami

Associate Professor and Director
University of Alberta

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Statement of philosophy

I am a nurse researcher and educator with expertise in immigrant health and racialized people’s health. My key strengths include knowledge and experience with policy, stakeholder engagement, anti-racism, and equity, diversity, and inclusion. On March 12, 2021, I was invited to a private meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and seven Ministers to present my research and discuss how to improve policies for Black people. Only three experts (and non-policy-makers) were invited to this meeting; I was the only nurse. My recommendations are guiding policy on Black people in Canada. I have provided several other consultations to the Minister of Health, Minister of Mental Health, and Minister of Women and Gender Equality. I have also played leadership roles in health professional organizations in the past, including being a Board member of the Alberta College of Social Workers, associate editor of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, and Vice President of Black Physicians of Alberta (a role created even though I am not a physician). I will bring expertise in equity, diversity, and inclusion to the Canadian Nurses Association Board. I have a commitment to integrity, respect, and equity.

Platform message

It will be an honor for me to serve on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Nurses Association. I believe the time is ripe for the Canadian Nurses Association to take a leading role in public policy formulation and implementation. As nurses in the age of COVID-19, we have the opportunity to use our knowledge, advocacy skills, and experience to influence policy. As a Board member, I will bring expertise in health and public policy agenda setting and implementation. I am well engaged in the policy world. I was invited to a private meeting with the Prime Minister of Canada where my views shaped policy on Black Canadians. I was also invited to policy dialogues with the Minister for Health, Minister for Mental Health, and Minister for Women and Gender Equality. My expertise continues to be sought after on high-level boards, where I contribute my knowledge of policy and strategic thinking. I am well engaged with diverse immigrant communities and also Black communities. Lastly, I hold values of integrity, respect, and equity very dear and hope to bring this to the Board. In my role as a member of the Board of the Canadian Nurses Association, I will continue to ensure that “specialized nursing knowledge and practice… are recognized among members, colleagues, governments and the public as vital components of the Canadian health system”.

Biographical information

Dr. Bukola Salami is the Director of the Intersections of Gender Signature Area of the Office of the Vice President Research and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta. Her research program focuses on policies and practices shaping migrant health as well as Black people’s health. She has been involved in over 75 funded studies in this area. She founded and leads an African migrant child research network of 42 scholars from four continents. In 2020, she founded the Black Youth Mentorship and Leadership Program at the University of Alberta. Her work has led to the creation of a mental health clinic for Black People in Alberta. She has also presented her work to policy makers. She is an Associate Editor of the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) and is on the Editorial Board of Nursing Inquiry and Qualitative Health Research Journal. She is an advisory board member of the CIHR Institute for Human Development, Child and Youth Health. In 2020, she was inducted into the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame. In 2021, she became a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Nursing.