Kimberly LeBlanc

Candidate for President-Elect


Kimberly LeBlanc

Academic Chair of the NSWOCC Wound, Ostomy and Continence Institute
Nurses Specialized in Wound, Ostomy and Continence Canada
Ottawa, Ontario

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Statement of philosophy

Nursing retention is at an all-time low and Canada is facing a nursing crisis. The leadership of the CNA must be equipped to address this crisis. I have a demonstrated track record of possessing key competencies that are critical for nursing leadership.

  • Accountability: I have led and have actively participated on numerous national and international healthcare boards and have a strong understanding of governance, am an active listener and a known collaborator.
  • Analytical thinking: I am a known big picture and critical thinker. I am naturally inquisitive and believe in strategic plans which include assessing facilitator and barriers to implementation, allowing for a strategy to ensure success.
  • Leadership: Establishing inclusive and collaborative partnerships are vital to any leader. By incorporating this philosophy into my leadership style, I have led groups to achieving success.
  • Community engagement: As a nurse specialized in wound, ostomy, and continence, I have worked with community stakeholders. Providing me with a better understanding of lived experiences and I can support health promotion.
  • Visionary: I have a demonstrated record as a visionary thinking, I led an international panel of nurses in changing how skin integrity issues among the elderly are viewed by healthcare professionals on a global level.