Erna Snelgrove-Clarke

Candidate for Vice President


Erna Snelgrove-Clarke

Vice Dean (Health Sciences) & Director, School of Nursing
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario

Statement of philosophy

I believe that nursing is at a critical juncture. In the current context we see the need to increase and enhance education, to support well-being amongst nurses, to advocate for advancement, wellness, and policy. A person-centred approach to leadership and to interpersonal interaction will set the stage for these developments and enable growth and well-being.

As a person-centred leader, honesty, authenticity, integrity, and scholarship matter. Working collaboratively in inclusive spaces, learning from one another and equitable participation define my philosophy. Strategies for CNA Board membership, aligning with this philosophy include exploring new ways to advocate for nursing, considering the need for policy development and enabling inclusive participation for Canadian nurses.

My goal always relates to the use of one voice. My goal is to support nurses to speak up, to find a way to advocate for our profession and its impact on policy, practice, education, and research.