Tracie Risling

Candidate for Vice President


Tracie Risling

Associate Professor
Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta

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Statement of philosophy

Nursing has always been a profession in motion with changing practice, evolving specialties, and a commitment to life-long learning key aspects of our professional journey. Now we must use this expertise to address ongoing global challenges. The establishment of a vice-president for the CNA creates additional strength for what lies ahead. During the planned inaugural term for this position, I will reach the 20-year mark in my nursing career. I am well prepared and ready to contribute to our critical national agenda. My work in nursing informatics has focused on the unification and amplification of nursing voice across practice roles and specialization. The reach of digital health in the Canadian healthcare landscape is immense, with the integration of technology continuing to accelerate. My experience in advocating for increased nursing voice in the co-design, implementation and evaluation of health technologies would be an asset in achieving the purpose and goals of the CNA. As the current President of the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association, and the Chief Electoral Officer of the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing I have a demonstrated commitment to the strategic advancement of nursing, along with years of experience aligned with the planned contribution of the CNA Vice-President.