Call for Nominations for Public Representative

Call for Nominations for Public Representative

The call for nominations is closed.

A member of the community who is not a nurse will serve as a public representative on the board of directors. CNA is working towards increasing minority representative groups. The term of the position is June 2022 to June 2024.

About the CNA board of directors

The current board, which consists of 11 directors, is transitional and was determined by CNA members at the 2021 annual meeting. The new board, which will consist of eight members, will be selected at the 2022 annual meeting.

The board of directors governs on behalf of CNA’s members and is accountable to the membership. The board reports at each annual meeting of members on the business that occurred in the previous year. The board’s main role is to govern CNA and set its goals. The board also develops, sets and monitors policy to help manage CNA. The three major governance roles of the board are policy development, advocacy, and visioning.

Role of a public representative

One public representative, who is not a nurse, will be nominated by the nominating committee and elected by CNA members for a two-year term to provide a citizen’s perspective.

Criteria for the nomination of the public representative and interpretation

A public representative must:

  • Bring to the board a broad citizen’s perspective that informs and strengthens policy and strategy at the board table.
  • Be an experienced leader.
  • Ideally have previous experience on a national board of directors.
  • Have knowledge of the governance of a not-for-profit organization.
  • Not be a current or former member of the nursing or any other health-care profession.
  • Not be a current employee or contractor of CNA or a spouse or family member of a current director, employee or contractor of CNA.
  • Not be a current board or council member of a provincial or territorial nursing association or regulatory body, Canadian Nursing Students’ Association or a Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties board or council.