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Harm Reduction

Harm reduction is a public health approach aimed at reducing the adverse health, social and economic consequences of at-risk activities such as the use of illicit substances.

Harm Reduction and Illicit Substance Use: Implications for Nursing [PDF, 1.2 MB]
(CNA discussion paper, Updated 2017)

Harm Reduction and Substance Use (CNA, Canadian Association of Nurses in HIV/AIDS Care, & Harm Reduction Nurses Association joint position statement, 2018)

Fact Check: Dispelling Myths About Supervised Consumption Sites [PDF, 149.3 KB] (2017)

Five-part webinar series — Substance Use Trends in Canada: What Nurses Need to Know (2017)

CNA actively lobbied for improvements to the federal government’s proposed changes to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Bill C-37, passed in May 2017) to reduce harms associated with illicit substance use in Canada:

Working as part of nursing coalitions, CNA has also been able to gain intervenor status in significant legal challenges, including:

Lightfoot et al. — Gaining Insite: Harm Reduction in Nursing Practice” (April 2009 Canadian Nurse article)

Pauly et al. — “The Ethical, Legal and Social Context of Harm Reduction” (October 2007 Canadian Nurse article)