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Take charge of your continuing professional development through the CNA Learning Centre, our innovative learning management system.

Course catalogue

  • Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses — 10 modules available! These modules bring CNA’s Code of Ethics to life and explain how to apply it in your daily practice. Each module is $22.45 for CNA members, $9.95 for nursing students and $29.95 for non-members.


CNA has partnered with the World Continuing Education Alliance and the International Council of Nurses to release a diverse lineup of continuing professional development courses. Details below. Each course is $29.95 for CNA members, $9.95 for nursing students and $39.95 for non-members.

  • Self Harm Assessment: This session explains how to undertake a comprehensive risk assessment by obtaining a history from the patient and others.
  • Classification of Shock: This course describes the classifications of shock and what each means to your practice.
  • Local and Regional Anaesthesia: This session outlines the basic definitions of local and regional anaesthesia. It explains when you should use each on its own or in combination with general anaesthesia.
  • Pain Management in Palliative Care: This session provides you with strategies for good pain management for patients in palliative care situations.
  • The Overlap Between Falls and Syncope: This session defines syncope and outlines the common causes of syncope in the elderly.
  • Approach to “General Deterioration”: Atypical Presentation of Sepsis in the Elderly: This session explores the many physiological consequences of aging. You will learn about the “geriatric giants” and how the elderly may present with one of these “giants” during your practice.
  • Achieving a Facilitative Approach: This session will help you develop the beliefs, values and skills that allow communication to be flexible, effective and empathic.
  • Team Roles and Personality: This session examines how an individual's personality, behaviours and preferred styles and approaches can have an impact on other members of the health-care team.

How to access

Use your MyCNA account to access the CNA Learning Centre.

  • CNA members (jurisdictional, independent and retired) — simply log in to or create your MyCNA account (formerly NurseONE) and select CNA Learning Centre. (Nurses belonging to one of these provincial or territorial members are automatically CNA members.)
  • Licensed/registered practical nurses and registered psychiatric nurses — if you have already become a CNA member, simply log in to your MyCNA account and select CNA Learning Centre. If you are not a CNA member, create a free MyCNA account to browse the courses. You can join CNA to get member-discounted pricing.
  • Non-CNA memberscreate a free MyCNA account to browse the courses. If eligible, you can join CNA to get member-discounted pricing.


With the CNA Learning Centre, you can track your learning journey, find opportunities that suit your learning preferences, and access learning resources and tools that are robust, reliable and competency-based.

The CNA Learning Centre is the latest in our efforts to meet nurses’ continuing professional development needs. We’re dedicated to providing current, credible resources and tools for nurses as part of our goal to promote quality care and patient safety.

The online courses are:

  • Engaging and interactive — with simulations, videos, quizzes and other features.
  • Robust and reliable — the result of over 100 years of experience in delivering high-quality courses.
  • Competency-based — with opportunities to try out your new skills so you can apply them in your practice.

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