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Annual Meeting 2013

CNA’s annual meeting was held June 19 at the Ottawa Convention Centre.

Were you unable to attend? You can watch the recorded webcast by clicking on sections from the full agenda below. (Please note that Shari Graydon’s speech was not webcast.)


  1. Opening remarks — Barb Mildon, CNA president
  2. Board Report — Barb Mildon
  3. CEO Report — Rachel Bard, CNA chief executive officer
  4. Auditor's Report — Karima Velji, CNA president- elect
  5. Voting on motions related to CNA governance
  6. Amendments to current CNA letters patent and bylaws
  7. National Expert Commission update
  8. Closing remarks

Motions and results(Click to expand for more information)

Membership classes Read More +

Proposed voting structure for membership classes Read More +

Board of Directors Composition Read More +

Letters patent and bylaws Read More +


Important notice regarding the live webcast of CNA’s annual meeting

Please Note: If you watch the recorded webcast, please have the documents in the annual meeting registration kit (below) readily available, so you can follow along.

Annual meeting registration kit

Agenda [PDF, 84.2 KB]

Standing rules for CNA annual meeting 2013 (to replace document titled: Information for CNA annual meeting 2013based on CNA bylaws and policies) [PDF, 21.5 KB]

2012 annual report

Annual general meeting governance decisions and votes [PDF, 3.9 MB]

Proposed amendments to CNA’s letters patent and bylaws [PDF, 61.5 KB]

Update on National Expert Commission action plan and open forum — calling nurses to action! [PDF, 21.2 KB]

CNA activities related to resolutions proposed by members and agreed to by CNA board of directors in 2012 [PDF, 39.8 KB]

Resolution guidelines 2013 [PDF, 31 KB]


For further information, please contact Anna Baker at 613-237-2133, ext. 221, or abaker@cna-aiic.ca.