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Prep Tools

Canadian Registered Nurse Exam Prep Guide, 5th Edition

Online CRNE Readiness Test

As developer and owner of the Canadian Registered Nurse Exam (CRNE), CNA offers two complementary tools to assist candidates studying for the exam. These tools, under the CNA LeaRN® banner, are the CRNE Prep Guide and the CRNE Readiness Test.

Attention: CRNE Candidates

Please be aware — CNA does not endorse or authorize any other CRNE preparatory exam or any course(s) outside of CNA’s two preparation tools: the CRNE Prep Guide and the CRNE Readiness Test.

Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE) Prep Guide

The CRNE Prep Guide is a study guide in print format with an accompanying CD-ROM. Available in either English or French, the prep guide offers 200 practice multiple-choice questions. The interactive CD-ROM, with 50 additional questions, allows you to select questions by format or by content category and to receive immediate feedback, create a performance profile and focus on competencies where you need practice.

The guide also provides the following tools:

  • answers and explanations to help you learn
  • a performance profile to identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • valuable test-taking strategies and study tips

Purchase the CRNE Prep Guide from your school bookstore, the CNA Bookstore or by calling 1-800-385-5881. The cost is $74.95, plus taxes, shipping and handling.

CRNE Prep Guide Question #15 Rationale Correction

On page 102, in the first rationale listed (regarding question #15), the passage should read: “(i.e., indirect Coombs’ test was positive).”

Important Notice To Mac Computer Users

Due to recent changes to the Apple/Mac operating system, the CD-ROM included with the CRNE Prep Guide, 5th edition may not function properly or at all on a Mac computer. CNA regrets the inconvenience this may cause and strongly encourages Mac users to seek alternative access to the CD-ROM questions by using a Windows-based (PC) computer. Should you have any questions, please contact Nova Tech Support and Service at cnahelpdesk@novanetworks.com or 1-613-727-2554; 1-855-857-2554.

CRNE Readiness Test

Available in either English or French, the CRNE Readiness Test is an online simulated CRNE in a shortened format. There are now two different versions of the test, each of which presents 100 unique multiple-choice questions. All questions have appeared on previous CRNEs and are completely different from those in the CRNE Prep Guide.

The test allows you to view questions you answered incorrectly and provides the correct responses, along with supporting rationale and references.

For internationally educated nurses, the test may be particularly helpful, since it is accessible from all over the world and can be taken before coming to Canada.

Purchase the CRNE Readiness Test online for C$39.99, plus applicable taxes. Or, purchase both versions at the same time and receive a C$10 discount off the second test (credit card purchases only).