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Letters to the Editor


CNA responds to “Stroke survivors benefit from regular meetings with pharmacist: study” [PDF, 80 KB]

CNA responds to “How do you neutralize death?” [PDF, 135.5 KB]

CNA responds to “MDs facing abuse from addicted patients” [PDF, 147.6 KB]


CNA responds to “Canada’s health indicators vary from good to bad versus other OECD countries: report” [PDF, 149.1 KB]

CNA responds to Toronto Star editorial, “Let Ontario nurses prescribe basic drugs” [PDF, 163.1 KB]

CNA responds to Globe and Mail article, “With B.C.’s Insite turning 10, it’s time for the drug-policy debate to evolve” [PDF, 150.1 KB]

CNA responds to Globe and Mail article, “Good health depends on wealth, new Canadian report finds” [PDF, 91.1 KB]

CNA responds to Ottawa Citizen article, “Canada’s elderly at high risk of suicide, can’t afford mental health care: experts” [PDF, 149.5 KB]

CNA responds to National Post article, “Put Canadians first” [PDF, 91.4 KB]

CNA responds to Globe and Mail article, “Are Canadian kids undervaccinated? Or is it that we just don’t know?” [PDF, 149.4 KB]

CNA responds to National Post article, “Tears are misplaced for axed health council” [PDF, 148.9 KB]

CNA responds to Globe and Mail article, “Doctor stirs debate over mandatory flu shots” [PDF, 133.4 KB]

CNA responds to Globe and Mail article, “Canada not as good at after-hours medical care as other countries, report finds” [PDF, 92.4 KB]


Letter to the editor commenting on the Montreal Gazette article “Nurses Wanted – Stat!” [PDF, 119.8 KB]

Letter to the editor of The Globe and Mail [PDF, 103.6 KB]

Don’t believe Fraser Institute’s rhetoric, CNA says [PDF, 91.8 KB]

To fix health-care problems in this country, Yukon can teach us a lot! [PDF, 97.5 KB]

CNA responds to article in The Globe and Mail, “Canada boasts record number of doctors, but is it enough?” [PDF, 90.7 KB]

CNA responds to article in The Globe and Mail, “For first nations, a season of righteous indignation takes hold” [PDF, 96.6 KB]

CNA responds to article in the National Post, “Nurses can help raise vaccination rates, new study shows” [PDF, 144.2 KB]

CNA responds to article in The Globe and Mail, “Health spending rises at lowest rate in 15 years: study” [PDF, 133.1 KB]

CNA submits an opinion editorial to The Globe and Mail, “Adding up the tab” [PDF, 173.4 KB]

CNA responds to Vancouver Sun article, “BCMA questions new policy, Nurse practitioners given ability to admit, discharge patients” [PDF, 132.9 KB]

CNA responds to opinion editorial in Vancouver Sun, article, “In praise of profits and health” [PDF, 120.7 KB]

CNA responds to Globe and Mail article, “Inmates take Ottawa to court over access to clean needles” [PDF, 54.1 KB]

Opinion editorial published in The Chronicle Herald: Canadians can count on nurses, October 1, 2012 [PDF, 138 KB]

CNA responds to Globe and Mail commentary, “We all pay when health care focuses on volume, not quality” [PDF, 168.9 KB]



Letter to the editor of The Ottawa Citizen regarding CPP nurses win battle on sex discrimination

Letter to the editor of the Westman Journal applauding nurse practitioner-led clinics in Manitoba

CNA makes an important point of clarification regarding The Globe and Mail’s health-care series

CNA responds to National Post opinion piece on CMA’s report on health-care transformation

CNA responds to Maclean’s article “Do you trust your doctor?”

CNA responds to Vancouver Sun column “Harper’s government ignores the looming health care crisis