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Nomination Process

Submissions to the Canadian Academy of Nursing Fellowship Program will be invited annually. Fellowship reviewers will evaluate all submissions using the criteria below and nominate the highest-ranking candidates to be Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Nursing. Notifications will be sent to successful 2020 Fellows in July.


Prospective Fellows must show they meet the following criteria:

  1. Demonstration of outstanding and sustained contributions to the improvement of health, health care and/or nursing at the national and/or international level or demonstration of provincial and territorial regional impact
  2. Evidence that these contributions have been translated into education, practice, administration, research or policy in a meaningful way
  3. Formal recognition for these contributions (e.g., substantive and prestigious honours or awards)
  4. Evidence of leadership in activities that have had impact (e.g., research, innovations or developments in administration, education, policy, advocacy, nursing practice)
  5. Confirmed membership in good standing with the Canadian Nurses Association, the Canadian Academy of Nursing and the applicant’s relevant provincial/territorial nursing regulatory body

Before you submit

You will need to collect the required information and documents before you begin your submission. Please note that the process is completed online and once you begin the submission, you cannot save your progress and return to it later.

Required information and documents:

  • Your demographic information, including current employer, licence/registration number, jurisdiction of registration and regulator (some fields are optional for those who do not have a current employer)
  • Your CV (all styles accepted; must be PDF file)
  • A four-part description of your individual contributions to nursing:
    • Summary of your individual contributions (maximum 300 words): Summarize your outstanding individual contributions to the improvement of health and health care through nursing at the national/international level or provincial/territorial/regional and/or local level, including a comprehensive impact statement of same. Describe how this achievement has had an impact on clinical practice, policy, education, research and/or administration. Please use language suitable for a public audience (e.g., media release).
    • Context of your contributions (maximum 500 words): Describe the context in which your contributions have made an impact. Please include a succinct summary of the specific role(s) that you have had in current and/or previous roles. If your work has involved teams, explain your explicit role in relation to the team accomplishments.
    • Evidence of the impact of your contributions (maximum 800 words): Provide substantive evidence of the sustained and outstanding impact of your contributions. Please identify the actual/potential and/or measurable impact of your work. In addition, include potential for significant continuing impact on health, health care and/or clinical practice, policy, education, research and/or administration resulting from your work. Be as specific as possible, providing data to support the impact of your contributions. Ensure that information listed in your CV aligns with the description provided.
    • How your contributions relate to the academy (maximum 500 words): How will the achievements described in your submission advance the Canadian Academy of Nursing?
  • Completed nominator forms [PDF, 93.5 KB] from two nurses. Be sure you have consulted with and coordinated the content of your nominators’ statements. (No additional letters are required.)

When you are ready to submit

When you have all the required information and documentation ready, log in to the online Fellowship submission system and do the following:

  • Enter your demographic information
  • Upload your CV (PDF file)
  • Provide the four-part description of your individual contributions to nursing. The requirements are provided in the list above. This information needs to be prepared in advance, as once you begin your submission, you cannot save your progress and return to it later.
  • Upload completed nominator forms [PDF, 93.5 KB]. Two nominators are required for each person making a submission to become a Fellow. Both nominators must be members of the Canadian Nurses Association. We recommend that you select nominators from among the following:
    • Leaders who are recognized and highly accomplished in their careers
    • Recognized experts
    • Fellows of other academies
    • Deans or senior professors in universities
    • Health-care executives
    • Retired nurses

After you submit

You will receive an email immediately to confirm your submission has been received. We will review your information carefully and follow-up with you on the status of your submission.

Successful candidates will be notified in July.

Fellowship fees

Initial submission: $150
Acceptance of Fellowship nomination: $400
Annual fees for Fellowship title: $200