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Board Seats

Ontario and Quebec representatives on the CNA board of directors
June 2017-June 2019

At the June 2017 CNA annual meeting, members voted in favour of a bylaw amendment for the addition of Ontario and Quebec directors on the CNA board of directors.

Before the meeting, in anticipation of the acceptance of the proposed bylaw amendments, CNA had sought nominations for election. CNA sought two interested registered nurses or nurse practitioners to serve on the CNA board of directors for the period June 2017 to June 2019.

One was elected to represent Ontario and one was elected to represent Quebec. Both candidates had to be from the CNA independent membership category.

Please note: this call for nominations was separate from the call for voting delegates for independent members.

Candidates had to:

  • Be individuals over the age of 18 years who have not been declared incapable by a court and who do not have the status of bankrupt (s.126, Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act)
  • Be a resident in the province they represent
  • Be an RN/NP whose licence is in good standing with their provincial/territorial regulatory body
  • Be an RN/NP who has paid CNA fees as part of the independent nurses group
  • Not be a current employee or independent contractor of a jurisdictional member, CNA or any other CNA member
  • Not be a voting delegate
  • Be able to attend three board meetings per year (two days each), in March, June and November, and ad hoc teleconferences, as required

As per policy GP-5 Board and Volunteer Expenses, directors and other volunteers shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred for attendance at board and committee meetings, as well as any meeting attended at the direction of the board, as per CNA travel allowance and guidelines.

Nominators had to submit:

  • A completed and signed nomination form (for Ontario or Quebec) including the candidate’s statement of philosophy and platform message
  • Biographical information (e.g., a brief curriculum vitae of the nominee)
  • A current colour photo
  • References:
    • A letter or e-mail notification to be sent by the College of Nurses of Ontario or the Ordre des infirmières et des infirmiers du Québec confirming that their licence is in good standing.

The closing date for nominations was April 26, 2017.

The selection committee was supported by the CNA manager of governance and events.

Selection committee process
The selection committee reviewed the nominations received against the criteria. The committee put forward the names of one Ontario nominee and one Quebec nominee to the governance and leadership committee, which prepared the slate of nominations for presentation to the annual meeting of members.

As a requirement of the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, members could have nominated additional candidates for directors from the floor of the annual meeting.

Procedure for nominations made from the floor

  1. In addition to the slate placed in nomination by a motion made and seconded by any CNA member, a call for additional nominations from the floor will be made during the CNA annual meeting of members.
  2. In order to add an additional candidate for election as a director in response to this call, the motion nominating the candidate can be made and seconded by any CNA member.
  3. Any such additional nominees must meet the criteria listed above.
  4. The nominator from the floor must, in making the nomination, produce reasonable confirmation that the nominee meets the above criteria and provides such other information as CNA may require.
  5. In the event that a nomination from the floor results in there being two or more nominees for one or both of the positions, there will be an election held between those nominees. Where there are two or more nominees, prior to such election, each of those nominees shall be allotted two minutes to speak to the meeting, and there will be an opportunity for the members to ask questions of the nominees. In the election, the nominee who receives the highest number of votes shall be declared elected as the director.

For more information, please contact Debbie Ross, manager of governance and event, at 613-237-2159, ext. 214, or dross@cna-aiic.ca.