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Independent Members Voting Rights

There are now over 1,000 independent members (Class D) in Ontario and Quebec! This means independent members, as a group, have five votes (based on proportional member population there will be four in Ontario and one in Quebec) at CNA’s annual meeting of members.

To be considered as a voting delegate the nominee must:

  • Be an active practising registered nurse or nurse practitioner in good standing with their regulatory body
  • Have paid membership fees to CNA
  • Not be a voting delegate in any other CNA membership class
  • Not be a candidate running for election on the CNA board
  • Be able to attend the CNA meeting of members in person and be present during the entire meeting (proxies will not be accepted)
  • Be prepared to assume all costs associated with their participation. CNA is unable to cover any related expenses.

Interested members will be able to submit an online nomination form once the call is open, accompanied by written confirmation that the nominee is an active practising registered nurse or nurse practitioner in good standing with their regulatory body.

Voting delegate selection process
Voting delegates will be selected in advance of each CNA meeting of members for which they are entitled to vote.

All nominations will be assessed by the voting delegate selection committee, which has the mandate to review all submissions and select five voting delegates, four for Ontario and one for Quebec.

The committee will choose nominees on a first-come, first-served basis who meet the above criteria. The committee will also consider past experience in CNA activities.

CNA will notify the selected voting delegates by early May.

The selection committee will be supported by the CNA manager of governance and events.

Pre-annual meeting webinar
All voting delegates will be invited to participate in a pre-annual meeting webinar to review the role and responsibilities of delegates, review the agenda and pose any questions they may have. The timing of the webinar will be announced later.

Advance mailing
Approximately two to three weeks before the meeting of members, each voting delegate will receive a package of documents electronically, including instructions on where and how to register on-site. Hard copies and additional documents, if any, will be provided to voting delegates on-site.

For more information please contact Debbie Ross, manager of governance and events, at 613-237-2159, ext. 214, or dross@cna-aiic.ca.