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The Canadian Nurse Practitioner Initiative

Integrating NPs into Canada’s health system
In June 2006, the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Initiative (CNPI) took on the challenge of integrating NPs into Canada’s health system with two foundational reports:

The 13 recommendations addressed seven strategic areas:

  • Legislation and regulation
  • Practice
  • Health human resource planning
  • Education
  • Strategic communications, change management and social marketing
  • Evaluation
  • Governance

Assessing progress (2009)
A few years later, Health Canada’s Office of Nursing Policy asked CNA to review the status of CNPI’s recommendations. To assess this progress, CNA consulted with key stakeholders in each part of the country. The resulting report, Recommendations of the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Initiative: Progress Report [PDF, 1.5 MB], offers a pan-Canadian perspective on the successes, required adjustments and updated priorities for integrating the NP role.

NP integration plan (2011)
In 2011, CNA showed that NP integration was well underway in Collaborative Integration Plan for the Role of Nurse Practitioners in Canada [PDF, 650.2 KB], 2011-2015. One of the report’s major findings was how crucual ongoing collaboration among key stakeholders was for its success. To help ensure this collaboration, CNA made a commitment to follow up on the integration plan’s key actions.

10-year retrospective (2016)
A decade after CNPI’s initial recommendations, CNA’s commitment led to re-examining the progress and gaps in NP integration and suggesting new priorities. The Canadian Nurse Practitioner Initiative: A 10-Year Retrospective [PDF, 623.3 KB] shows that many positive strides were made toward integrating NPs into healthcare, including title protection, common role description and the expansion of scopes of practice. However, as noted in the 2015 Naylor report, Unleashing Innovation: Excellent Healthcarefor Canada, NPs are still consistently underused despite their proven benefit to the health-care system. CNA’s new recommendations include:

  • Increasing the use of NPs in innovative-team based care
  • Harmonizing NP remuneration across sectors, provinces and territories
  • More continuing education for NPs

Tools and Resources


Health Human Resource (HHR) Planning [PDF, 181.1 KB]

Education [PDF, 203.4 KB]

CNPI Way Forward Plan — Committing to Action [PDF, 162.1 KB]