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Nurse Practitioner Profiles

Nurse practitioners (NPs) work in a variety of health-care settings, including community clinics, health-care centres, NP-led clinics, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, hospitals and the homes of patients. The stories below show how they work with — rather than replace — other health-care providers. NPs are part of a team, collaborating with registered nurses, doctors, social workers and others to provide quality health care.

Jennifer Beaveridge, RN, MN, NP-F

British Columbia
Read Jennifer’s Q-and-A

Angela Bedard, RN, MN, NP-PHC

Read Angela’s Q-and-A

Kate Burkholder, RN, MN, NP

New Brunswick
Read Kate’s Q-and-A

Jo-Anne Hubert, RN, MN NP

Northwest Territories
Read Jo-Anne’s Q-and-A

Nikki Kelly, RN, MN, NP

Nova Scotia
Read Nikki’s Q-and-A

Douglas King, RN, MN, FNP

Read Douglas’s Q-and-A

Maureen Klenk, NP, MHS(ANP)

Read Maureen’s Q-and-A

Julia Kull, RN, MN, NP

Read Julia’s Q-and-A

Kelsey MacPhee, RN, MN, NP

Prince Edward Island
Read Kelsey’s Q-and-A

Glenda Stagg, RN, NP, BN, MN

Newfoundland and Labrador
Read Glenda’s Q-and-A

Michelle Wolsky, RN, MN, NP (F)

Read Michelle’s Q-and-A

Colleen Wyatt, RN, NP

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