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Newly Graduated Nurses

Welcome to the nursing profession!

As you transition into your practice role, we want to draw your attention to some peer networks, helpful resources and professional development opportunities.

Nursing The Future

The Canadian Nurses Foundation (CNF) and CNA have come together to help create a resource of information and social connection for future and newly graduated registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, registered practical nurses, and registered psychiatric nurses transitioning into professional practice roles for the first time.

The project director, Judy Duchscher, MN, PHD, points out that reports suggest we are at risk of losing 31% to 65% of newly graduated nurses within the first two years of entering professional practice. Further evidence claims that 67% of those new nurses experience extreme levels of burnout and express a desire to leave the profession altogether. This makes it challenging to retain the newest practitioners while supporting the existing workforce to deliver quality care.

This new initiative, called Nursing The Future, aims to address this challenge. It is a web-based platform that offers:

  • A network of information and social connection for new nurses moving into professional practice for the first time.
  • A way to share the latest educational preparation advances, research and workplace innovation related to professional role transition. This will assist health-care educators, administrators and experienced nurses seeking to support the newest members of the profession.
  • A source of information on contemporary nursing issues, professional leadership and workplace culture that will help us understand and optimize the nursing workforce.

Sign up at nursingthefuture.ca to receive news and ways to get involved in this network.

CNA Learning Centre

The CNA Learning Centre has a diverse lineup of courses for nurses and nursing students. We have grouped the courses by themes and nursing specialties to help you find the ones that suit your learning needs:

  • Gerontology — Approach to “General Deterioration”: Atypical Presentation of Sepsis in the Elderly; and, The Overlap Between Falls and Syncope
  • Self Care — Achieving Work-Life Balance
  • Medical-Surgical and Emergency — Classification of Shock; Local and Regional Anaesthesia; and Wounds and Soft Tissue Injuries: Management of Soft Tissue Injury
  • Hospice Palliative Care — Pain Management in Palliative Care; and, General Approach to Assessment of Symptoms: Palliative Care
  • Psychiatric and Mental Health — Self Harm Assessment
  • General Practice — Understanding Antibiotics and Rise of Superbugs; Understanding Urinary Tract Infections; Nursing Documentation; Adult Sepsis; and, Ethnicity and Culture
  • Leadership — Achieving a Facilitative Approach; Errors and Experiences in Healthcare; Assertive Communication; The Future of Leadership in Healthcare; and, Team Roles and Personality

Take a moment to browse the course catalogue.

Progress in Practice webinar series

CNA regularly hosts webinars on topics relevant to nursing practice. These are a great way to get introduced to a new topic or expand your existing knowledge.

Check out the current lineup. You can also view recordings of past webinars.