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How Hours Are Assigned

Activities that receive CNA accreditation are assigned professional development hours. Participants claim the hours toward their learning goals.

Activities that increase assigned accreditation hours

  • Workshops, lectures, debates, panel discussions, etc.
  • Debriefs at the end of an activity or simulation scenario
  • Pre-brief session before an activity (for example, a didactic session before a simulation scenario to prepare learners and explain the process)
  • Reflection at the end of a learning activity
  • Completing evaluations (could be online or face-to-face)
  • Question and answer/discussion sessions following a learning activity (could be online or face-to-face)
  • Discussing individual or team feedback/assessment data with a mentor/peer/coach
  • Completing knowledge assessment modules
  • Observing others complete a simulation activity without completing the activity oneself
  • Topic-based lectures delivered before a simulation activity (that are not pre-brief sessions)

What doesn’t count

  • Opening and closing remarks
  • Breaks for food or other purposes
  • Social activities/networking events
  • Non-facilitated poster sessions
  • Awards presentations that are non-educational
  • Visiting exhibits in an exhibit hall
  • Reading or work completed before participation in an activity