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Operating Room Nurses Association of Canada (ORNAC)

If you are interested in furthering your career in the field of perioperative nursing, joining ORNAC is a great place to start. Officially formed in 1983, ORNAC now serves almost 3,000 members across Canada. Its volunteer board of directors, which represents every province, oversees leadership, education and advanced practice domains while ensuring that members’ voices are heard.

ORNAC promotes nursing excellence in several ways by:

  • demonstrating leadership in patient safety through partnerships with perioperative stakeholders
  • encouraging best practices with ORNAC Standards for Perioperative Registered Nursing Practice
  • hosting a biennial national conference

ORNAC also assists perioperative nurses in their career advancement and development.

Benefits of being an ORNAC member include:

  • Discounts to the biennial national conference
  • Access to members-only information
  • Four hours per year toward specialty certification
  • Subscription to the ORNAC Journal and ORNAC News e-mails
  • Access to research and education grant opportunities
  • Access to job postings on the ORNAC website

Build your professional network
ORNAC enables you to expand your professional network. Our online forums, national and provincial conferences, mentoring opportunities and committee volunteerships allow you to:

  • share ideas
  • ask for advice and learn from the experience of others
  • get the latest perioperative news
  • learn more about best practices
  • hear new ideas from key achievers in the field
  • meet and brainstorm with others looking to learn and share information

 Enhance your knowledge
Joining ORNAC can broaden your knowledge through up-to-date information and education. As a member, you’ll have access to:

  • peer-reviewed articles to support your practice in the ORNAC Journal
  • educational webinars on topics that impact perioperative practice (starting in 2014)
  • reduced conference rates that allow you to hear speakers that can expand your perioperative practice knowledge
  • ORNAC News e-mails for the latest information on important perioperative care issues
  • research and education grants

Advance your career
ORNAC members can advance their careers through access to:

  • job opportunities on the ORNAC website
  • an online specialty certification preparation program (starts in early 2014)
  • the 2013 ORNAC Standards for Perioperative Registered Nursing Practice, 11th edition (Hardcopy and PDF versions available in both English and French. For further information, please visit www.ornac.ca)

Develop your leadership
ORNAC leadership opportunities include the chance to be nominated for and be elected to the ORNAC board. Working on the board, or as part of the pillar committee through which it works, can enhance your leadership skills and earn you up to 25 hours for your specialty certification renewal.

In addition, you can develop your leadership skills by giving workshops or discussing your work at ORNAC national conferences. Both opportunities can help you improve your communication skills and build a reputation in your field. Earn up to 10 hours for your certification renewal each time you prepare and deliver an oral or poster presentation related to the specialty.

Perioperative practice and patient safety leadership
ORNAC’s vision is to be the leader in perioperative practice and patient safety through a strong, unified national association that enhances and advances the practice of perioperative registered nurses and associates.

To support this leadership, ORNAC collaborates and represents perioperative nurses at many tables, including work with Accreditation Canada, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) and the International Federation of Perioperative Nurses.

ORNAC also endorses initiatives for CPSI’s Safer Healthcare Now program and for CSA standards on multiple subjects such as perioperative safety, sterilization and health-care facilities.

We are excited to share our ORNAC member benefits with you and hope you’ll soon be part of this dynamic specialty nursing association. For further information, please visit our membership web page.

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Rupinder Khotar Signature

Rupinder Khotar
President, ORNAC