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The Canadian Nursing Students' Association (CNSA)

The Canadian Nursing Students' Association

The Canadian Nursing Students’ Association (CNSA) is the national voice of nursing students across Canada. We represent nursing students in baccalaureate, practical and psychiatric entry-to-practice nursing programs.

For over 30 years, CNSA has represented the interests of nursing students to federal, provincial and international government bodies and to other nursing and health-care organizations.

As a member of CNSA, you have the opportunity to network with other nursing students on educational, professional and social levels. CNSA holds regional and national conferences annually with engaging speakers, workshops and discussions.

With nearly 30,000 members, CNSA is an affiliate member of both CNA’s Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties and Practical Nurses Canada, as well as an associate member of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions. As well, CNSA has a reciprocal relationship with the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing.

What does CNSA do for its members?

CNSA is all about giving its members opportunities, such as

  • providing leadership opportunities;
  • increasing awareness of political issues;
  • preparing students for active membership within professional nursing associations;
  • providing members with the opportunity to experience the business procedures and policy-making activities of a professional organization;
  • providing information on changing philosophies and specialty areas of nursing; and
  • representing nursing students on local, provincial, federal and international levels.

Membership services include:

  • Access to NurseONE.ca
  • Membership in CNA
  • CNSA publications, news and updates
  • Awards, grants and scholarships
  • Free subscriptions and access to professional materials
  • Insurance discounts with The Personal insurance
  • Opportunities to participate on research committees
  • Committee participation at regional and national levels

Networking opportunities include:

  • Meeting other nursing students, nursing leaders and health professionals at regional and national conferences;
  • Educational and professional networking,
in person and through other mediums, with nursing students, nurses and other health-care professionals in French and English;
  • Discussion forums available exclusively to CNSA members, for connecting with other members on a number of topics and nursing student issues;
  • Information on outside conferences and activities; and
  • Student awareness and involvement in relevant political and ethical issues

If you are interested in learning more about CNSA, or want to be involved in CNSA and have some ideas, please contact me at president@cnsa.ca.

Rajet Anand

Rajet Anand
President 2014–2015
Canadian Nursing Students’ Association

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