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Juillet 2019


Activités spéciales

11-13, 2019

25th World Nursing and Healthcare Conference

Organisme : Conference series LLC Ltd
Ville : Vienna, Austria
Lieu : Vienna, Austria
Courriel : Maria Jones

28-30, 2019

Men in Nursing 2019

Organisme :
Ville : Dublin, Ireland
Lieu :
Courriel : Michael Henderson
Description : The two-day meeting for this year will revolve around the theme “Exploring Opportunities and Challenges of Male Nurses in Advancing Global Health” thus relaying the cutting-edge findings in the field of Nursing and Healthcare. Our scientific program is rich and varied with 30 Session with 120+ Sub sessions, 4 Keynote speech, 200+ technical papers split between 3-4 parallel oral sessions, and 2 poster sessions each day.