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A Letter to CNA/RNAO Members

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dear CNA/RNAO members,

On April 26, RNAO published on its website a message and video from its president advising members that effective at the November 2014 RNAO membership renewal, RNAO members will no longer automatically be CNA members. Instead, every RNAO member will need to expressly indicate their choice to be a member of CNA each year.

We are disappointed by this decision and RNAO’s suggestion that changes happening at CNA are putting members at risk. As a national not-for-profit association, CNA is governed by the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act and is subject to new changes in this legislation. This means we must make changes to governance (i.e., board members and voting) to comply with the new legislation by October 2014. You will find more information on these governance developments in the upcoming May issue of Canadian Nurse (pages 6-7).

We can also appreciate the due diligence that all not-for-profit, member-based associations like RNAO must undertake to ensure financial sustainability. CNA’s board of directors is confident of CNA’s financial viability and ongoing sustainability. I assure you that CNA is here to stay.

We know that as a member-driven association we exist on your behalf. Thus we constantly evaluate and develop our member services to ensure they are meaningful for you. Currently, your CNA membership entitles you to receive

  • automatic membership in the International Council of Nurses;
  • our flagship publication, Canadian Nurse, and its accompanying website;
  • a reduced fee to CNA’s national nursing specialty certification program;
  • free access to;
  • representation in CNA’s robust advocacy and policy advancements at the federal level;
  • preferred rates on all CNA products and services, including the biennial convention and online continuing education courses;
  • discounts on insurance and other affinity offerings; and
  • so much more, with others being added all the time!

We hope you choose to continue to be a proud member of CNA, the only organization that gives Canada’s registered nurses their vitally important national voice. We drive important initiatives such as an expanded scope of practice for RNs, health in all policies and achieving a top five ranking in five key health indicators for the country by 2017. We run national awareness campaigns, like our highly successful Nurse Practitioners: It’s About Time! campaign and the upcoming RN awareness campaign, due to roll out in 2014.

Now more than ever, CNA is being sought out to provide its valuable expertise in health policy and public advocacy. Working together with all our members, we provide valuable influence on the health system, as seen in our National Expert Commission report and in our contributions to provincial/territorial premiers through the Council of the Federation. It is CNA’s unique position as the only national professional association for RNs that opens up these opportunities to our provincial/territorial members, and gives a unified voice to RNs across the country.

CNA believes it is in the best interest of RNAO members to retain their membership with both organizations, ensuring a strong unified professional voice at the provincial, national and international levels.

I welcome your questions or feedback at and assure you that I will keep you informed as further information becomes available. In the meantime, thank you for your continued support and for the valuable work you do every day.