2020 Merit Awards Recipients

CNA Order of Merit Awards 2020

Order of Merit for Nursing Administration

Janet Knox, RN, BN, MN, MBA, CHE
Past President and Chief Executive Officer
Nova Scotia Health Authority

Knox is a compassionate senior executive with a lifelong commitment to innovation and a passion for improving the health system and the health of the population. Throughout her 43-year career, Knox has held progressive leadership positions in universities, hospitals, integrated health systems, government, and regulatory agencies. Under her leadership, Nova Scotia successfully transitioned from diploma to baccalaureate nursing entry to practice ahead of the goal date in a highly politicized environment.

Knox’s most significant contribution to the health of people living in Canada is her leadership in advancing the health status of the population through partnership and research. As a co-principal investigator, she traveled across Canada, the U.S. and Australia to share knowledge learned on the topic of parents’ stress during child hospitalization with a long-term health problem.

She is highly regarded for her leadership skills.

Order of Merit for Nursing Education

Sandra Davidson, RN, PHD
Dean, faculty of Nursing
University of Calgary

Davidson is a quintessential innovator, who is committed to providing nursing students with the best possible nursing education. Her work focuses on creating the preferred future for nursing education and health care through creative and relational practices.

She was appointed Dean, Faculty of Nursing, at the University of Calgary in August 2018, joining from the University of Alberta. Prior to her academic career, Davidson gained considerable practical experience serving in a range of practice and academic environments.

Her eclectic and diverse professional background has allowed her to develop and pursue a program of research focused on advancing the state of health-care innovation, including nursing education, relational leadership, and evidence-based pedagogy. She has received 16 awards for her many contributions to nursing education, research, and leadership; has received over $461,000 in grants; and has authored 11 peer-reviewed articles and over 65 peer-reviewed presentation.

Order of Merit for Nursing Research

Kevin Woo, RN, PHD, NSWOC, WOCC(C)
Associate Professor
Queens University

Since 1997, Woo has sustained a prolific research career. By blending research with an active clinical practice, he has been able to complete research that has immediate and profound impact on the health of people living in Canada.

His clinical and research interests focus on chronic disease management, gerontology, wound healing, knowledge translation, and patient safety using a variety of research methods and large administrative databases. He has dedicated his career to mentoring and educating health-care professionals, patients, and families on wound-care prevention. Woo is known as a leading Canadian nurse researcher in the areas of wound, ostomy and continence issues.

He has demonstrated nursing leadership in his contributions towards research and education in diabetic foot ulcers and is leading the development of an online community to promote self-management of diabetes and related foot complications.