Why Be Part of the Network?

Why Be Part of the Network?

The Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties exists for, and because of, nursing specialty associations. The Network supports excellence in specialized nursing knowledge and practice by providing opportunities in leadership, education, policy advocacy, networking, research, and evidence-informed practice. If you are the president of a national nursing specialty association, here are the…

Top 10 reasons to join the Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties

  1. Contribute to national health policies
  2. Enhance your association’s visibility among other nursing specialty associations
  3. Gain direct access to governance expertise and resources that can enhance the work of your association
  4. Keep current on what’s happening in practice and innovation
  5. Grow your association’s leadership and advocacy skills
  6. Participate on CNA-related national and international committees and working groups to be heard by policy- and decision-makers
  7. Provide reviewers for the CNA Accreditation Program
  8. Network and exchange ideas with other nursing specialties
  9. Connect with all categories of nurses and nursing students

And the Number 1 reason to be part of the Network is to…

Strengthen the national nursing voice to make a difference to the health, wellness and safety of all Canadians