Exam Deferral & Withdrawal

Exam Deferral and Withdrawal

Please note: If you want to change an exam date you’ve booked, do not withdraw. Contact Pearson VUE or Proctor U first, as they may be able to accommodate your change of date request.

Deferring the exam to the next writing administration period

If you cannot write your exam due to personal or professional reasons, you may qualify to defer it until the next exam administration window. Deferral requests must be received before the last day of the exam writing window. (May 15 or November 15). Only one deferral request will be granted and there is no charge.  

You must maintain a valid CNA membership to have your deferral approved for the next calendar year at the same exam rate. A fee differential will be applied if you do not renew your CNA membership.

Deferring means you will not have to reapply for the next exam writing window (since your application will still be active in our system). Before the next exam window, you will receive notification to book your exam date with Pearson VUE or Proctor U.

Initial certification deferral policy

Exam deferral

There is no charge for an exam deferral, but we must receive and approve your request in writing. If you are granted a deferral and do not take the exam in the next scheduled exam window your application fees will be automatically refunded less the $125 administration fee and an additional $95 late withdrawal fee. You will have to reapply if you wish to write the exam in the next available window.

Employer vouchers

For employers who sponsored an applicant, the voucher will be valid after the first deferral request.

To defer your exam: please send an email to certification@cna-aiic.ca.

Renewal certification by exam deferral policy

May exam writing window

There is no charge for a first exam deferral, but we must receive and approve your request in writing. Your certification status must remain valid until the November exam writing window.

November exam writing window

Exam deferrals are not be available. You can renew by continuous learning, withdraw or apply for inactive status.

To defer your exam: log in to your CNA account, complete the online exam withdrawal form and request a deferral in the comment section.

Withdrawing from the exam

To withdraw from the exam: log in to your CNA account and complete the online exam withdrawal form.

The certification program will acknowledge your request and send you a refund, minus the non-refundable $125 administration fees.

NOTE: If a request for withdrawal is submitted after the start of the exam writing window (May 1 or November 1), an additional late withdrawal fee of $95 will apply.

Important: Don’t forget to cancel your Pearson VUE test centre or Proctor U appointment to receive a refund on the exam fee. This must be done 24 hours before your scheduled appointment otherwise you will forfeit the appointment paid fee.

Compassionate withdrawal/deferral during the exam writing window

If you withdraw from or defer the exam during an exam administration window period because of illness, incapacity or other compassionate reasons (e.g., sudden illness in the family) you will not be charged the withdrawal or late fees. To qualify, you will have to provide written verification (e.g., physician’s certificate) within two weeks after your scheduled exam date.

Unreported absence (no show) at a scheduled exam

If you miss an exam that you were scheduled to write and you do not inform CNA before the end of the exam administration window (May 15 or November 15), your application will be considered a withdrawal with no refund.