CBT Exam Tips

CBT Exam Tips

How to prepare for exam day and the computer-based certification exam.

Before exam day:

  • Complete the 100 practice test questions for your speciality, which offers the same computer-based testing (CBT) environment.
  • Ensure that you have booked an exam writing time with ProctorU or Meazure Learning in-person test centre.
  • Ensure that you have read and followed the specific instructions related to your exam-writing option.
  • Confirm that your booking confirmation has the same first and last names as the two pieces of identification (ID) you will be using on exam day (see below for details). Confirm that your exam specialty is correct.

CBT exam tips:

  • Think positively
  • Read all instructions
  • Read each question carefully
  • Anticipate the answer before looking at the options
  • Eliminate all obviously wrong answer options
  • Click the correct answer on the computer screen (which will highlight your selected answer)
  • Be sure to answer all the questions
  • Use the CBT’s notation feature to identify questions that you want to come back to later
  • Note that pen/pencil and paper are not allowed
  • Budget your time: you will have four hours (240 minutes) to complete 160-165 questions, which means just under 1.5 minutes per exam question

Exam results

You will not receive your result after you write the exam. Marking the CNA certification exam is a rigorous review process designed to ensure that each certified nurse meets our high standards. Our testing consultants at Meazure Learning apply a statistical analysis on each exam and review performance results to be sure that the pass mark is fair and valid. This process takes a few weeks to complete for all 19 exams.

Your exam results will be emailed to you four weeks after the exam’s last day of administration; your results will also be posted in your CNA account. Your results will be reported as pass or unsuccessful. Your CNA official result package will be mailed at a later date.