Vision, Mission, Objectives and Priorities

Vision, Mission, Objectives and Priorities


Specialized nursing knowledge and practice, through the work of the Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties, are recognized among members, colleagues, governments and the public as vital components of the Canadian health system.


To unify and empower the voices of specialized nurses in Canada, in partnership with the Canadian Nurses Association, such that the specialized knowledge and skills of Canadian nurses become a vital component of all aspects of evidence-informed clinical, educational, policy and political decision-making, as well as research, at the local, provincial/territorial and national levels.


Promoting the unique contribution of nurses from all regulated nursing designations (i.e., the family of nursing) who have specialized knowledge and skills in a practice area by:

  • Promoting specialty certification to support competency-based practice
  • Demonstrating their contribution to the Canadian health-care system by improving client outcomes and safety
  • Positioning the nurse as a key leader within interprofessional health-care teams


As a network, we will lead by:

  • Taking an active role in the advancement of high-quality health care for all
  • Representing the interests of network members on the CNA board and in CNA-supported activities while fulfilling the fiduciary responsibilities to CNA
  • Creating a forum for exchanging ideas and knowledge among network members
  • Leading the development of relevant national nursing policy in collaboration with CNA

As a network, we will focus on education by:

  • Supporting and promoting the CNA Certification Program and other CNA-accredited programs
  • Promoting specialized education and professional development relevant to the specialty groups
  • Promoting specialized practice competencies for network members through continuing education
  • Engaging with student nurses to expose them to specialized knowledge and nursing practice

As a network, we will engage in policy development and advocacy by:

  • Speaking out on issues related to specialty nursing and the health of the people in Canada, in partnership with CNA
  • Developing and promoting strategies and tools that support and advocate for healthy public policy, in partnership with CNA
  • Establishing strategic partnerships and alliances to strengthen the collective voice of nurses on key specialty issues and policies.

As a network, we will advance research and evidence-informed practice by:

  • Facilitating the promotion and dissemination of standards, competencies and best practice guidelines for specialized knowledge and nursing practice
  • Integrating research to inform specialized knowledge and nursing practice
  • Facilitating opportunities to conduct joint research between specialty groups and/or with CNA as well as other health stakeholders