Staff Mix Framework

Staff Mix Framework

With the Staff Mix Decision-making Framework for Quality Nursing Care [PDF, 597.5 KB], you can create the mix of staff that:

  • Responds to client health needs
  • Supports continuity of care and care provider
  • Values quality of worklife
  • Optimizes outcomes for clients, staff and the organization

The framework, funded by the Government of Canada’s Foreign Credential Recognition Program, presents a systematic approach to creating the right mix of health-care staff — specifically, nurses and unregulated care providers. Based on evidence-informed guiding principles, this versatile resource will help you optimize your staff mix configurations to meet the needs of your clients, staff and organization. It will also support your efforts to maximize effective teamwork.

Who’s it for?

Anyone involved in making staff mix decisions will find this framework useful. That includes nurse managers, direct-care staff and nurse executives.

Who created it?

A pan-Canadian working group comprising registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, registered psychiatric nurses, unregulated care providers and a research consultant created this framework. They based their efforts on published research, a broad consultation with experts and potential users across the spectrum of practice settings, as well as their own extensive experience.

Access the framework, up-to-date research on staff mix and more helpful information.