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To take advantage of these exclusive savings, join CNA or sign in. New members will be able to sign in and enjoy everything CNA has to offer within 24 hours after joining.

  • After you sign in, you’ll be taken directly to your unique account page. (Another way to get to your account page is by clicking on ‘Hi, your name’ or ‘My Account’ in the upper right menu.)
  • From your account page, you can update your profile, apply for or renew your CNA certification, access exclusive benefits in the CNA $avings Centre, and much more.

Join CNA for these exclusive savings!

  • Save more than $150 on CNA Certification Program fees.
  • Save $210 on the standard registration fees for the 2023 International Council of Nurses (ICN) Congress, which is being held in Montreal. Substantial discounts on early-bird and onsite rates are also available.
  • Save up to $2,000 per year on travel, electronics, fitness, insurance, entertainment & much more at the CNA $avings Centre
  • Save 25% off the following Longwoods journals: Nursing Leadership (CJNL), Healthcare Quarterly, Healthcare Papers, and Healthcare Policy. (Premium members get free access to CJNL.)
  • Get 25% off NursingSKL, which offers courses that will boost your diagnostic skills and help you earn continuing nursing education credits. Check out their free diabetes practicum!
  • Get free access to a library of more than 2,000 e-books from ProQuest. If you are going to write a CNA certification exam, this is a great resource to complement your studies.

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