Registered nurses and employers place a high value on certification because it benefits individual nurses, organizations and patient care outcomes.

Read what Nurse Leaders are saying about CNA certification.

“Being certified in hospice palliative care nursing has definitely made me a better nurse. It has benefited my ongoing care of patients and families as well as my collaborative work with interprofessional health-care teams and institutions/agencies.”

- Patricia A. McQuinn, RN, BSc, MScA (nursing), CHPCN(C)
President, Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Nurses Group

“Certified nurses have an increased pride in their profession. This pride has the potential to improve patient outcomes and can only serve to create a work environment that fosters a commitment to lifelong learning. Having certification in two specialties has made me a better nurse.”

- Susan Morris, RN, BN, MEd, CNCC(C), CCN(C)
President, Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses

“CNA specialty certification also sets a benchmark for public confidence; that is, the public may be assured certified neuroscience nurses have reached a nationally recognized standard of excellence in neuroscience nursing practice.”

- Sue Kadyschuk, RN, MSN, CNN(C)
On behalf of the Canadian Association of Neuroscience Nurses

“PANC(C) nurses demonstrate their commitment to lifelong learning. Their specialized knowledge leads to better patient outcomes and provides a sense of job satisfaction that optimizes the standards of care that are being delivered. Being a certified nurse encourages me to keep current with best practices.”

- Laura McNulty, RN, PANC(C)
President, National Association PeriAnesthesia Nurses of Canada