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Canadian Academy of Nursing

The Canadian Academy of Nursing is the first pan-Canadian organization dedicated to identifying, educating, supporting, and celebrating nursing leaders across all the regulated categories and all domains of practice.

The academy will be a comprehensive Canadian hub designed to educate, empower and support nurses to lead, advocate, innovate, and influence public policy that leads to sustainable change.

All CNA members who want to develop their leadership and management skills are eligible to become members of the academy. We invite you to join the academy to access its benefits and if you are interested in:

  • The development of current and emerging Canadian nurse leaders in all regulated categories
  • Discussing, developing and sharing leadership strategies related to nursing at points of care, education, research, administration and policy
  • Influencing the development of health care and policy in Canada
  • Participating in communities of practice with your peers
  • Contributing to the Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership in an editorial capacity
  • Supporting the development and delivery of leadership educational programs
  • Being nominated to the academy’s flagship fellowship program