Special Accommodation Requests

Special Accommodation Requests

If a disability prohibits you from writing the exam under standard conditions, you may request a special accommodation as part of your online application.

You will have to provide a letter outlining the required accommodation from a professional (e.g., physician, psychologist, rehabilitation counsellor) who is familiar with your disability.

This letter must be provided at time of application. You can either attach it in the application or you can e-mail it to the CNA certification team at certification@cna-aiic.ca.

After we process your request we will confirm via e-mail that your special accommodation has been granted. Afterward, you will receive an e-mail from ProctorU or Pearson VUE (with the subject line, “authorization to test”) to book your test centre.


If you have chosen to write your exam with ProctorU: the proctor will be informed of your granted accommodation.

If you have chosen to write your exam in a Pearson VUE test centre: you will need to phone Pearson VUE to book your exam date, time and writing centre location. Information on the booking process will be detailed in the “authorization to test” e-mail. Pearson VUE staff will discuss your special accommodation arrangements confidentially.

Requests for an alternative writing centre accommodation under special circumstances

You may request an alternative writing centre accommodation if the following four circumstances apply to you:

  • The ProctorU exam platform is not suitable for you
  • You live in a remote region
  • You would be required to travel a minimum of 400 kilometres to a Pearson VUE writing centre
  • You would require 24 hours or more of travel time to and from the exam

Please contact the CNA certification team at certification@cna-aiic.ca or 1-800-361-8404 to determine if you would be eligible to request an alternative writing centre due to special circumstances. If you are deemed eligible, you will be asked to complete the Writing Centre Accommodation for Exceptional Circumstances form. We will contact you within five business days after we have reviewed your written request.

Note: An administrative fee of $105 (+ applicable taxes) is required for an alternate writing centre. This non-refundable payment must be received prior to your exam date.