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Sylvain Brousseau, RN, PhD

The 21st century nursing profession is facing numerous challenges — such as nursing shortages, the increasing number of seniors, a chronically ill population as well as the emerging opioid crisis. All of these challenges are inflating Canadian health-care expenses. In being able to adapt to rapidly changing health-care demands, Canadian nurses, as a sociopolitical force, possess the leadership to contribute actively in solving these actual and future challenges. In addition, nurses are professional influencers, capable of and responsible for resolving these coming challenges. We are a united nursing national voice and have a leading role in formulating Canadian-wide health-care policies.

I am confident that my governance experience within nursing boards in Québec (13 years), CNA (2 years) and now the University of Québec’s Governors (3 years), strengthen my skills in making complex decisions about local, provincial and national nursing issues. I’m confident that I have the political leadership experience and competencies — in addition to passion, vision and commitment — to become the next CNA President-elect. I am eager to pursue the strategic positioning of CNA in relation to health on national and international levels and with a focus on the needs of Indigenous Peoples.