Anna Tumchewics, Northwest Territories

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medals

Anna Tumchewics

Anna Tumchewics, Northwest Territories


Anna Tumchewics, RN, BScN, DipOPN, ET, has been a northern nurse for more than 30 years. Her quiet demeanor and sense of humor make her memorable to everyone who meets her.

Anna is kind, considerate, non-judgemental and knowledgeable and embodies the true spirit of nursing and the fundamentals of Florence Nightingale. She continues to learn, even as she shares her knowledge with others. Anna's faith sustains her as she deals with the stressors of professional and personal challenges.

Anna promotes nursing by serving her patients. But she also serves her fellow nurses and the public by being active in the politics of nursing, serving on various boards at the local and territorial levels and maintaining an interest in CNA and national policy.

Anna's gift for nursing has inspired her co-workers to emulate her and strive to become better nurses. She is respected by her peers and is the "go to" person for information. Anna maintains an interest in and supports many past clients and co-workers. She advocates for everyone.

Anna has not merely been a nurse in whatever position she has held, she has gone out of her way to expand the role, improve her education to meet the demands of any job and to raise the bar for the rest of us reaching to meet those criteria. She leaves every position a better place for having been there.

Anna has been and continues to be a mentor. Her knowledge, skills, and compassion have been passed down to many students and co-workers. Her legacy continues through all whose career she has touched. All who have had the privilege of working with Anna have come away wiser and still striving to be like Anna when they "grow up."

Anna is a nurse, educator, leader, student and friend, to mention only a few of her outstanding qualities. She is very deserving of the Diamond Jubilee Medal for excellence in nursing in the Territories.