Wendy Duggleby, Alberta

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Wendy Duggleby

Wendy Duggleby, Alberta


Wendy Duggleby, PhD, RN, AOCN®, through her active “living with hope” program of research, has developed innovative ways of communicating her findings that assist people in the community while helping health-care providers deal with excruciatingly difficult health situations.

She has published widely in interdisciplinary, refereed international journals. Her large body of research has contributed to the development of knowledge relating to hope in a number of populations, such as palliative care patients and their formal and informal caregivers. She has led studies not only to understand these vital issues, but also to improve the experiences and outcomes of patients and caregivers. She uses a wide range of research methods to build knowledge, and her research is specifically designed so that the knowledge can inform nursing research, practice and policy.

She has had a remarkable impact on the delivery of health care and health-care services through the production of films and materials that communicate her research findings through innovative media. Her work demonstrates the diverse and profound ways that research can influence and help patients and their families. She also strives to develop the capacity of other researchers to enhance the quality of life of older adults through innovative research.

Throughout her career, Dr. Duggleby has demonstrated a consistent pattern of exemplary contribution to the profession of nursing and the lives of patients and their families.