Become a Member

Become a Member

Who can join the Canadian Academy of Nursing?

Membership is available to all regulated nurses who are members of CNA. Nurses seeking nomination to the academy’s fellowship program must be members of the academy.

Our founding members

The Canadian Academy of Nursing was created in October 2019 by the Canadian Nurses Association. We are grateful for the support of our founding members, who include:

  • Existing members in good standing of the Academy of Canadian Executive Nurses
  • Members of the board of directors of the Nursing Leadership Network of Ontario
  • Founders of the Dorothy Wylie Health Leaders Institute
  • Members of the CNA board of directors
  • Andrea Baumann
  • Claire Betker
  • Maureen Cava
  • Linda Dempster
  • Jamie DiCasmirro
  • Jennifer Dunsford
  • Netha Dyck
  • Sharon Garratt
  • Deb Gibson
  • Lorelei Gibson
  • Tim Guest
  • Ben Hartung
  • Kathryn Hayward-Murray
  • Dennie Hycha
  • Annette Jones
  • Jacqollyne Keath
  • Pamela King-Jesso
  • Treena Klassen
  • Warren Koch
  • Aline Laflamme
  • Robin Laird
  • Lori Lamont
  • Sara Lankshear
  • Nancy Lefebre
  • Donna Leybourne
  • James Low
  • Victoria Marchand
  • Heather Mass
  • Anne Marie McIlmoyl
  • David McNeil
  • Barb Mildon
  • Gaylene Molnar
  • Sue Munro
  • Lynn Nagle
  • Kathryn Nichol
  • Linda Patrick
  • Joy Peacock
  • Jacqueline Per
  • Karen Perkin
  • Christine Rieck Buckley
  • Donna Rothwell
  • Marcy Saxe-Braithwaite
  • Julia Scott
  • Rhonda Seidman-Carlson
  • Linda Silas
  • Christina Sim
  • Beverley Simpson
  • Judith Skelton-Green
  • Collette Smith
  • Rani Srivastava
  • Natalie Stake-Doucet
  • Heather Tales
  • Amanda Thibeault
  • Nicole Valade
  • Sue VanDeVelde-Coke
  • Jocelyn Vine
  • Maureen Wallace
  • Elaine Warren
  • Kate Zimmerman

Our founding members receive complimentary membership in the academy for 2020 and 2021.

How to join

To become a member of the Canadian Academy of Nursing, you must have a CNA premium membership.

If you are a CNA general or retired nurse member, sign in to your CNA account and choose the upgrade to premium membership option.

If you are not a member of CNA, sign in to or create your CNA account. From the Join CNA page, select the premium membership option and complete the sign-up process. Please note that it will take 24 hours for your exclusive CNA membership benefits to appear in your profile.

CNA student members are not eligible to become members of the Academy.

Membership fees are annual and renew on the anniversary of your purchase. Fees are not refundable.