Role Description

Role Description

In primary care teams, the registered nurse (RN) works side-by-side with the physician and other health care professionals as partners.

RNs are crucial to the team’s achievement of better screening and health promotion, early detection, chronic disease management and enhanced access. RNs take a comprehensive, holistic approach that isn’t limited to chronic disease management.

Although many practices and jurisdictions across Canada have developed position descriptions for registered nurses working in primary care settings, there is still a need for a national understanding of the optimal role of the RN. Many RNs working in primary care settings do not realize their full potential, including the valuable contributions that they can make in the health of the communities in which they work.

This page contains information that can be included in a position description for an RN in a primary care setting. It can be adapted to match the needs of interprofessional teams in different practice settings.

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