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CNA Announces Tim Guest as Incoming CEO

February 11, 2022 — The board of directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Guest as chief executive officer (CEO). Guest, the current president of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), will stand down from his role as president early and assume the role of CEO effective April 1, 2022, for a two-year term. Guest is a highly experienced executive nurse leader who is a tireless champion of CNA and professional nursing in Canada. He is well known to CNA members, nursing leaders, and CNA partners across the country, as well as the CNA staff.

When he completes his term as president this spring, Guest will have served on the board of directors for six years. His appointment is a strong signal of intended stability as the organization works to complete major transformations already underway and sets its course forward in new strategic directions. Guest holds a strong knowledge of the corporate history and decisions of this era that will prove invaluable to the future direction of CNA.

Sylvain Brousseau, the current president-elect, will begin his presidential term early, taking on the role of president on April 1, 2022. There will be an annual meeting, as planned and as usual, in June 2022, where there will be an election of a full new board of directors.

The board of directors and staff are delighted to welcome Guest to this new role and of course we thank Michael Villeneuve for his vision, hard work and leadership of CNA over the past five years. Please join us in congratulating Guest as he joins CNA as our CEO in April!

On behalf of the board of directors,

Donna Dewar, MBA, PMP
Chief Operating Officer


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