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Ministers’ meeting an example of ‘growing momentum to fix health care,’ CNA says

October 12, 2023 (Charlottetown, P.E.I.) – The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) salutes Canada’s provincial and territorial health ministers for facing the health human resources crisis as their two-day meeting in Charlottetown wraps up.

Earlier this week, the federal government made an announcement that it had signed a bilateral agreement with B.C., promising $1.2 billion to help fund a three-year action plan that promises to deliver much-needed improvements to that province’s health-care system. CNA welcomes the B.C. plan’s focus on nursing retention, mental health and addictions services, and nurse-to-patient staffing ratios. With the federal funding, the plan marks an important step toward better health care delivery, especially primary care access.  

CNA president Sylvain Brousseau spoke with the health ministers this week, seizing the opportunity to share the perspective of Canada’s 466,000 nurses. He reiterated the importance of tackling the health human resources crisis through retention and bold health systems reform. 

“There is growing momentum across Canada to fix health care,” said Brousseau. “CNA is pleased to see B.C.’s action plan backed by $1.2 billion in federal funding. We hope to see other provincial and territorial health ministers work to implement action plans. As we move forward to improve health care in Canada, we must remember that empowering nurses to work within their full scope of practice is essential to improving primary care delivery.”


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