Tracey Taulu, British Columbia

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Tracey Taulu

Tracey Taulu, British Columbia


Tracey Taulu, RN, BSN, MHA, stands out as a leader in multiple aspects of management: change, quality assurance, education, provincial and national trauma-systems development and trauma-systems accreditation. Her background as an emergency/critical care RN, accreditor and manager, coupled with her education in health administration and leadership, has enabled her to rise to the top of her field in developing and maintaining quality trauma systems.

Serving as an executive in the Trauma Association of Canada (TAC), and as national lead for the development of a combined national accreditation process between Accreditation Canada and the TAC, Tracey has influenced the adoption of consistent national standards. She developed the concurrent performance improvement, patient safety (PIPS) program used in B.C. today. She has also given numerous presentations, published articles and participated in research.

Tracey's passion for quality assurance and patient safety is something she lives and breathes, and her greatest strength lies in her ability to visualize the big picture while addressing what the frontline staff is seeing. Her ability to engage staff and to help them understand quality as an integral part of their practice, as opposed to another project, are a good fit for any group or organization that endeavors to bring quality to all aspects of patient care.