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CNA members vote in favour of amending by-laws

June 17, 2021 — Since its inception in 1908, the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) has been a strong national and global professional voice for Canadian nursing, constantly evolving to keep up with changes in the nursing profession. At this year’s annual meeting of members, CNA’s membership made the decision to vote in favour of amending the association’s by-laws, which changes the governance and membership structures.

“With this historical vote, CNA members chose to strengthen the association by creating an organization that all regulated nurses and nurses from diverse backgrounds feel part of and welcome,” said Tim Guest, president of CNA. “These changes will help to unify the nursing profession and will ensure CNA remains an effective, relevant, and sustainable organization that will carry us through the next 100 years of nursing leadership. They also answer the calls we heard from current and future members to develop a more collaborative network that empowers a diverse community of regulated nurses to individually excel in their practices,” said Guest.

CNA’s new membership structure will include only one class of individual members and the board will be restructured from a jurisdictional model to a smaller skills-based model. “This will empower the individual nursing voice within CNA, as every member now has one vote at annual meetings of members,” said Michael Villeneuve, chief executive officer of CNA. “The changes to the board will promote diversity and ensure that CNA’s board composition reflects that of the nursing workforce,” said Villeneuve.

The new membership structure will come into effect in January 2022 and the new CNA board will be elected at the June 2022 annual meeting of members. Until then, there is a transitional board in place that will help CNA navigate these upcoming changes.

“CNA has been on this journey of transformation for several years and I am very proud of the end results. I am confident that these changes will not only strengthen CNA, but also the nursing profession,” said Guest.


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