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International Nurses Day is an opportunity to recognize how nurses continue to answer the call

May 12, 2022   — Sylvain Brousseau, president of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), issued a statement today to celebrate International Nurses Day.

“We are pleased to commemorate International Nurses Day. This is a day to pay tribute to the outstanding contributions of nurses to the communities, patients, and health systems they serve, as well as their impact on global health outcomes.

“As we celebrate International Nurses Day for a third time amidst a global pandemic, I know many nurses in Canada are tired, exhausted, and even demoralized. Their fatigue has reached critical levels and staffing shortages have been made worse by COVID-19.

“Achieving better health outcomes for patients in Canada will depend on ensuring that the right number of trained and educated nurses are providing care. However, nursing shortages are a global problem, so recruitment must be done ethically to ensure that health systems in developing nations are strengthened.

“Staffing shortages and the burden brought by COVID-19 are not the only issues faced by nurses globally. Nurses occupy many challenging roles, including acting as the main care provider for their children or families, advocating for their communities, and even responding to global disasters such as the war in Ukraine. Nurses have answered the call at every turn.

“I encourage the public, the media, organizations, and governments in Canada to reflect on, celebrate, and recognize the invaluable roles that nurses play in supporting all people to be healthy and safe.”


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