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CNA welcomes Canada’s Premiers' commitment to improving health services delivery

July 12, 2023 (Winnipeg, Manitoba) — The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) president Sylvain Brousseau discussed with Canada's Premiers and health partners the perspectives of Canada's 460,000 nurses on improving our public health-care system and resolving the nursing workforce crisis. The CNA salutes provincial and territorial leadership on tackling health-care issues and improving health services delivery for all Canadians.

“For Canada’s health care system to be truly accessible for all Canadians, we must support reforms that will allow the right health professional to provide the right care, for the right patient, at the right time,” said CNA president Brousseau. “Provinces and territories are facing immense health-care costs increases in their annual budgets, and the traditional model of care is no longer adapted to the reality of patients’ needs,” he added.

Ultimately, improving nurses’ working conditions, notably through nurse-to-patient ratios, and their mental health, by reducing excessive workloads and overtime requirements, and ensuring that workplaces are free of violence and harassment, will result in better health services delivery for Canadians. Allowing nurses to work at their full scope of practice will improve health outcomes and patients’ well-being by increasing access to primary care as more and more emergency rooms close and Canadians periodically face health service interruptions.

“We will closely follow the developments of bilateral agreements between provinces and territories with the federal government as well as the accountability process, to see how each jurisdiction will tailor solutions to the issues that are widespread across the country”, concluded Brousseau.


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