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CNA urges premiers to unleash nurses’ true potential to improve health system efficiency

November 6, 2023 (Halifax, Nova Scotia) — As Canada’s premiers wrap up their Council of the Federation health summit, and efforts to fix the health human resources crisis accelerate, the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) urges the premiers to expand nurses’ scope of practice and adopt innovative policies that will optimize nurses’ delivery of care.

It is time to empower nurses to not only work within their full scope of practice, but significantly expand it, as nurses feel motivated when they contribute to the health system to the fullest of their skills, expertise and training. Nursing, as a profession, has evolved, notably through advanced and specialized practice, but our health systems have failed to adapt. Longstanding barriers to nurses’ work and the status quo are no longer acceptable and will fail to unleash the untapped potential of nurses — Canada’s largest health workforce — and deliver true patient-centred care.

There is an urgent need to listen to the voices of nurses working across Canada to inform our health systems, and to ensure safe working conditions and safe patient care.

“Innovations such as nurse-led clinics, or Alberta’s decision to introduce a government-funded payment system that will support nurse practitioners to open their own clinics, have great potential to improve our health systems’ efficiency,” says CNA president, Sylvain Brousseau.


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