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CNA calls on employers to support the dissemination and adoption of the nursing retention toolkit

March 4, 2024 — The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) celebrates the release of the Nursing Retention Toolkit: Improving the Working Lives of Nurses in Canada. During the October 2023 health ministers’ meeting, provinces and territories agreed to help disseminate it to support employers in their retention efforts. CNA urges organizations to use the toolkit to adopt evidence-based retention strategies to face our health systems’ severe nursing shortages.

Developed by Leigh Chapman, the chief nursing officer for Canada, the toolkit has been created by nurses, for nurses, with nursing partners, including CNA. It offers a framework for employers and health authorities to create work environments where nurses feel supported and want to remain in their profession. Some key elements toward this goal include violence-free workplaces, professional development and mentorship support, reduced administrative burden, and respectful management practices.

“Employers are responsible for adopting evidence-based strategies to improve nursing retention. All levels of government, from all political stripes, expressed the political will to disseminate this tool. Still, the real impact will be felt throughout health organizations when fully implemented to support nursing practice,” says CNA president Sylvain Brousseau.

The nursing retention toolkit is designed for the entire continuum of care and the various phases of nursing careers and roles. It is also particularly valuable in addressing systemic challenges faced by underrepresented groups and Indigenous nurses.


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