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Certification Nursing Practice Specialties

CNA offers RN certification in 21 nursing practice specialties. Once certified, you can proudly use the credentials associated with your specialty after your name.

Cardiovascular CCN(C) ® Certified in Cardiovascular Nursing (C)anada
Community Health CCHN(C) ® Certified in Community Health Nursing (C)anada
Critical Care CNCC(C) ® Certified Nurse in Critical Care (C)anada
Critical Care Pediatric CNCCP(C) ® Certified Nurse in Critical Care Pediatrics (C)anada
Emergency ENC(C) ® Emergency Nurse Certified (C)anada
Gastroenterology CGN(C) ® Certified in Gastroenterology Nursing (C)anada
Gerontological GNC(C) ® Gerontological Nurse Certified (C)anada
Hospice Palliative Care CHPCN(C) ® Certified in Hospice Palliative Care Nursing (C)anada
Medical-Surgical CMSN(C) ® Certified in Medical-Surgical Nursing (C)anada
Neonatal CNeoN(C) New in 2018! Certified in Neonatal Nursing (C)anada
Nephrology CNeph(C) ® Certified in Nephrology (C)anada
Neuroscience CNN(C) ® Certified in Neuroscience Nursing (C)anada
Occupational Health COHN(C) ® Certified in Occupational Health Nursing (C)anada
Oncology CON(C) ® Certified in Oncology Nursing (C)anada
Orthopaedic ONC(C) ® Orthopaedic in Nursing Certified (C)anada
PeriAnesthesia PANC(C) ® PeriAnesthesia Nurse Certified (C)anada
Perinatal PNC(C) ® Perinatal Nurse Certified (C)anada
Perioperative CPN(C) ® Certified in Perioperative Nursing (C)anada
Psychiatric and Mental Health CPMHN(C) ® Certified in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing (C)anada
Rehabilitation CRN(C) ® Certified in Rehabilitation Nursing (C)anada
Wound, Ostomy and Continence WOCC(C) ® Wound, Ostomy and Continence Certified (C)anada

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There is a national association for each specialty, collectively forming part of CNA’s Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties. If you’re not already a member of your specialty association, learn more about how membership will benefit you professionally — especially if you are still considering certification.