Virtual Leadership Workshops

Building Leadership Capacity Workshops

These workshops have been specifically designed to enhance your leadership capabilities and explore the unique relationship between communication, resiliency and leadership. CNA-certified nurses can apply these workshops toward their continuous learning hours.

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It is well known that leaders have a considerable impact on the culture, productivity, and effectiveness of individuals, teams, and organizations. The breadth of influence of nursing leadership is compelling and can create powerful positive change for individuals, communities, and society at large. The concept and practice of “authentic” leadership has gained widespread acceptance. Nurses as authentic leaders generate the connection to others that is so desired when working in challenging circumstances.

What is communication, really? How can communication be used as a supportive client care tool? What skills are essential to effective communication? How can these skills be applied on a daily basis? These are the questions that Communicating for connection answers. Through a formal presentation, exercises, and discussion, participants learned and practised highly effective and collaborative strategies to transform how they interact with team members and clients.

Resiliency for real life and leadership

While we can’t always change our circumstances, we can change how resilient we are. In nursing there is often the misperception that resiliency is about ‘grin and bear it.’ Resilience is very much a learned pattern of feelings, thoughts, and behaviours — and resilience is a skill that can be developed. Resilient leaders know this and work every day to develop resiliency. They can sustain their energy level under pressure, cope with disruptive changes, and adapt. This workshop explored the unique relationship between resiliency and leadership and gave nurses actionable tips they could use to nurture their resilience.

How are you holding yourself back? Stepping into leadership

We all hold beliefs about our life circumstances and ourselves that affect the way we perceive and interact with the world around us. Limiting beliefs are those that we believe to be true that are holding us back personally and professionally, essentially creating boundaries. These limiting beliefs can restrict our belief in our own leadership capabilities. This workshop focused on limiting beliefs, describing how they develop and how they impact performance and practice. We adopted a practical approach for letting go of limiting beliefs to access valuable insights about leadership possibility and potential.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is best defined as the ability to identify and manage emotional information in oneself and others and focus energy on required behaviours. These skills and competencies complement a person’s cognitive and technical skills. EI is a key component to effective leadership. Nurses must have a solid understanding of how their emotions and actions affect the people around them. The better a nurse relates to and works with others, the more adept he or she will be in connecting with patients to understand their needs, acknowledging and managing frustrations, and finding long-term solutions.

Leah WuitschikLeah Wuitschik, BN, MA (Leadership), CEC, ACC

Leah Wuitschik has over 15 years of experience working in various leadership roles, in health care and in leadership development. She has extensive education, including a Master of Arts in Leadership degree and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University and is an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. She also holds a Bachelor of Nursing and a Certificate in Event Management. Additionally, she holds a Certificate in Public Participation from the International Association of Public Participation. Leah is a Certified LEADS coach and Certified LEADS Facilitator, LEADS Canada. In addition, Leah is a Licensed Trainer of the 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™, Coaching Out of The Box and a Certified TotalSDI® Facilitator, PSP, Inc. Leah is focused on engaging clients to build effective and collaborative relationships, which facilitates a strong understanding of organizational needs and existing strengths.

Carol GrayCarol Gray, MN, CEC, PCC

Carol Gray has worked in health care for more than three decades in various senior leadership (including SVP/VP) roles and has had the privilege to lead teams to implement province wide innovative health programs and services across Alberta. Carol has a Master of Nursing degree from the University of Alberta. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University. In addition, she is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation and is a Certified LEADS coach and Certified LEADS Facilitator, LEADS Canada. Carol is a Licensed Trainer of the 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™, Coaching Out of The Box and a Certified TotalSDI® Facilitator, PSP, Inc. Carol has a wealth of knowledge and experience in integrated health-care organizations and community services at local, provincial and national levels.