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Mental Health

Mental Health Services position statement

This 2012 CNA position statement [PDF, 274.8 KB] promotes the formal inclusion and involvement of families, caregivers, consumers and consumer groups in the planning, delivery and evaluation of mental health services, including the provision of care and self-management.

Moving forward on mental health and substance abuse: The time is now!

Regardless of your practice setting, if you’re a registered nurse, this webinar will be useful for providing support and care to persons with mental illness and substance use problems. Watch a recorded version of this 2012 session to hear national experts address the following critical questions:

  • What do RNs need to know about policy developments in mental health and substance abuse?
  • How can RNs demonstrate leadership in advancing the mental health strategy for Canada?
  • What tools exist to support the implementation of this strategy across practice settings?

MyCNA.ca Knowledge Feature on mental health


As holistic health care practitioners, we utilize our skills to care for the mental health and well-being of Canadians across the nation. Nurses are well-positioned to drive improvements in mental health services delivery across all aspects of Canadian health-care.