Letter Template

Letter Template


Name of political party leader/candidate

Address of political party headquarters

Dear Title and Name of political leader/candidate:

Introduce yourself and identify issue(s)

Introduce yourself and provide a brief reason/purpose for your letter (e.g., to express a concern or make a recommendation). Mention that you are a constituent (voter in the riding) because candidates will pay more attention to concerns coming from the people they represent. This is also a good place to mention your credentials as a nurse to give your points extra credibility. Describe why you are interested in the issue(s)/concern(s) you raised.

Request information and suggest solution(s)

Ask for information/clarification on your candidate/political party’s position on your identified issue(s)/concern(s). Ask open-ended questions to prompt them to tell you what they are planning to do to rectify your concern(s). Open-ended questions should ask “how” or “when” they will respond or act. This is also a good place to insert your recommendation for action so they can consider your suggestion when crafting their response. Make sure to give a rationale for your recommendation to make it more powerful.

Offer thanks and request a response

Thank the candidate/political party for any positive action they may have already taken toward resolving the concern (but also gently remind them that there is still work/action required to fully resolve the concern). Request that the candidate/party respond to your letter.


Salutation (thank you, sincerely, regards, etc.),

Your Name

Your address and postal code (to again highlight that you are a voter in their riding)

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